Transportation Security Services

What Is Transportation Protection?

There has been an increased threat of criminal activity and terrorist attacks on public transportation. As such, the industry called for enhanced levels of transportation protection in its everyday operations. Using secure transportation reduces the risk and exposure to various non-criminal incidents (e.g., road traffic accidents, poor route selection, and vehicle failure). It also minimizes exposure to high-risk scenarios, including theft, assault, armed robbery, and kidnapping.
Traveling executives are often at the most risk when moving to and from accommodations, offices, or airport locations. Executive transportation protection involves providing efficient, safe, and secure driving services to traveling executives and their teams. Only vetted transportation security specialists deliver this service using a fleet of safety-examined vehicles custom-built for the specific task. Secure transportation security services apply local intelligence and highly trained, vetted staff to provide a safe and secure environment.
A rideshare service or taxi might be cheaper than an executive transportation service. However, it involves leaving your safety and security to an unknown provider. Remember, this will be the most vulnerable portion of your business journey since you’ll be in a new city or country where your lack of local intelligence reduces your ability to detect emerging threats.
Our transportation security services start the moment you arrive in the country. They eliminate the dangers associated with accessing taxis at airports. Within the general context of travel expenditure, using executive travel security services is a small investment in protecting your most valuable assets—people.

Who Is It for?

In modern times, many people and their relatives are potential targets of hostile and unwanted activities that affect their safety, welfare, business, and reputation. High-profile principals and global executives face many personal and corporate risks. This demands a high level of security planning and supervision to guarantee safe, efficient, comfortable, and discreet travel.
We offer a wide range of secure transportation services for individuals seeking specialized protection. Some of the people we target include:

  • Foreign Dignitaries
  • VIPs/public figures
  • CEOs/corporate executives
  • High-net-worth individuals or families

Whether on a trip to the office from the airport or for an event or presentation, we have the necessary resources and skills to move you safely and securely. We usually offer tailor-fit solutions to allow minimal invasiveness and maximum security for each client.

What We Can Provide

We offer the best solutions to avert personal harm in risky environments. Here’s what you should expect:

  • Best place for service. Whether you’re looking to move from airport to hotel, town to town, or a meeting, you can trust our travel security services.
  • Mode of transportation. We provide a range of secure vehicles, including luxury SUVs and limos.transportation security services with Instinct Protective
  • Assessment service. We make sure we provide an assessment of the current situation and environment to make sure we provide the best possible protection for your needs.


Armed or Unarmed service

We understand that everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not entirely risk-free. Our clients expect that personal security shouldn’t hinder their ability to handle business. We deploy well-trained security drivers and agents with military or law enforcement experience. Each transportation security specialist can make the critical decisions needed to respond to an emerging threat concern.
We always work closely with each client to perform a risk assessment to determine potential security threats and create strategic plans to handle them. We can help with your route and journey planning to ensure that sufficient, pre-planned security measures are in order. Upon request, we could also provide you with specialized security services. This entails executive protection, bodyguards, and security escorts for your safety.

Why Us?

At Instinct Protective, our team understands the need to be sensitive to every client’s concerns while still having the foresight to prepare for every possibility. Such qualities help minimize the client’s exposure to risk. Your safety is always our priority.