Static Security

Why Static Security

Hiring experienced static security team, security personnel that are stationed at a single point of a residence or business, is essential to ensuring your valuables and property are protected. Unlike mobile security agents, who frequently patrol large areas or warehouses, static guards typically protect main access points, such as fences, walls, or entranceways. Although these security details mainly monitor a single area, they can conduct patrols to check for potentially suspicious activity. While the specific duties of a static security team vary based on the type and size of the property, they are a valuable part of executive protection plans and procedures. Want to know more? Keep reading to learn about static security and why it’s a great option to protect your home or business.

Why You Need a Static Security

If you own a residence or business that you want to protect, consider hiring a static security team. An experienced agent can work with you to determine the level of security you need based on the premises and will be in continuous communication with you about any security issues or gaps. If you value your property, possessions, and the people who live and work on your property, effective security is worth the investment.

Responsibilities of Static Security

Static security details protect a site from intruders and other illegal activity by monitoring their specific area and making regular patrols. In addition, they help ensure that your property is safe from damage resulting from fires, floods, or weather events by monitoring the area and reporting any issues that come up. They can also identify potential threats and intervene before the problem escalates, saving you from having to involve law enforcement or medical personnel. They can be on guard during off-peak, nighttime hours to help your employees or residents feel safe walking around the property. With safety and security off your plate, you can have the peace of mind to focus on what’s important.

Armed vs. Unarmed Static Security with Instinct Protective

Maybe you’ve decided to hire a static security for your family, business, or self, but you aren’t sure if you should work with an armed or unarmed guards. What’s the difference between armed and unarmed security guards? Unarmed guards do not carry lethal weapons and are usually hired for positions where there is a minimal risk of violent activity, such as surveillance jobs. Armed guards carry weapons, typically firearms, and are hired to protect properties with a greater risk of dangerous illegal activity, such as banks and courthouses. These team members undergo extensive training to ensure they can handle these weapons and that they are prepared for any circumstance.

Uniformed vs. Ununiformed

When you hire a professional security team and the recommended form of protection is static security, there are options for having a uniformed guard or having them be ununiformed or plain clothes and there are benefits to both. Having a team that has a uniform can easily show that you have protection. This could scare off any potential threats just by having the visual of security. Plain clothes security can make sure that threat deterrent is low key and bring less attention to the situation. It may give threats a false sense of openness and make themselves more likely to be seen, in turn making it easier for security to halt a threat before it becomes a bigger issue. Depending on the types of threats you are could be under, Instinct Protective will make sure the proper security measures are taken while proper static security is being given whether that is uniformed or not.

Assess Your Security Needs

It’s important to assess your basic security requirements and potential threats to your home or business. For example, if your business sells high-ticket items and you keep a lot of cash on site, such as a jewelry store, an armed guard may be a good fit. An unarmed guard may be sufficient if the greatest threats to your property are issues such as vandalism or loitering. Additionally, in many low-risk situations, just the presence of a security, whether they are armed or unarmed, can be enough to deter a criminal. If transportation security is required, then static teams can be placed along the route for added protection.

Why Choose Instinct Protective

At Instinct Protective, we put the safety and security of your family, valuables, and business first. Our highly trained and skilled team members have the experience and knowledge to protect your property and the people around you. It’s not possible to run a successful business if you’re concerned about security issues such as theft and property damage. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your specific security needs and let us give you peace of mind.