Hostile Termination Security

What Is Hostile Termination?

Terminating employees is an unfortunate part of running a business. It can rapidly become unsafe when you are dealing with a disgruntled employee who may become violent, damage your property, or attempt to get revenge on a co-worker. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to safeguard your employees, your customers, and your property. Hostile terminations must be taken seriously to avoid serious, life-threatening consequences.

Professional hostile termination security is one way to de-escalate tense situations and make sure that the employee is escorted out quickly and professionally. At Instinct Protective, we are experts in handling challenging situations that can arise in the workplace. From the start of our working relationship, we will thoroughly evaluate the situation and safety risks to develop a comprehensive approach to diffusing any potential incidents.

Instinct Protective can provide you with a serious but non-provoking security team. As part of our hostile termination services, we provide follow-up static security surveillance to protect you against potential retaliation in the days or weeks after the employee is let go. By preparing ahead of time, you can defend your business, your reputation, your employees, and your customers. Don’t let your business be harmed by an ex-employee.

Who Is Hostile Termination Security For?

Hostile termination security is versatile and appropriate for a broad range of companies and industries. Sadly, anyone from a small family-owned business to a large multinational corporation can have employees who are quick to anger or potentially violent when confronted. Professional security reduces the risk of an incident occurring and ensures that everyone, including the disgruntled employee, remains safe.

Large corporations have a higher number of employees, so the risk of having a potentially violent employee is elevated. This is particularly true in stressful occupations that can increase depression, feelings of suicidal ideation, and stress in workers. When you’ve identified an employee who has the risk of lashing out during the termination process, hiring professional hostile termination security only makes sense.

Additionally, companies that have received threats of violence in the past should also utilize a  executive protection security team. We can review past documented threats with your team to assess specific risks and develop precise plans for potential situations.Hostile Termination help from Instinct Protective

Finally, any company that is concerned about a current employee or prospective employee reacting poorly to termination should hire an experienced security team. Some of the signs that you might have a hostile termination include an employee who has:

  • Inability to get along with other employees
  • Mood swings
  • Feelings of persecution 
  • Rapid deterioration of work productivity 
  • Signs of suicidal ideation
  • Serious personal life challenges, like a divorce or sudden debt
  • Obsession with violence, guns, or weapons

Take the red flags seriously now so that you don’t regret ignoring them in the future.

What We Can Provide

Instinct Protective offers a full range of hostile termination and security services so that you never fear for your safety while you are doing your job.

Executive Protection Services

High-level executives are at an elevated risk of retaliation during a hostile termination. We can provide you with additional protection for your most critical staff members, regardless of whether or not they are personally completing the termination.

Transportation Service

Safe transportation is essential, particularly if you are concerned about the employee identifying your vehicle and attempting to injure you as you head to the office or leave at the end of the day. Our officers will ensure you get to your destination unharmed. 

Assessment Service

Advance assessments are critical to identifying potential vulnerabilities and risks around your workplace before a hostile termination occurs. We can provide you with recommendations to further secure your workplace.

Armed or Unarmed Service

Depending on your specific needs, our officers can complete your hostile termination services with or without firearms. We can guide you through the process of determining which is best for you based on the employee being terminated, the risk level to your office, and other factors.

Uniformed or Un-Uniformed Service

In some cases, having a plainclothes security team member is better than having a professional uniformed officer. When you are concerned that your employee will react poorly to seeing security on the scene, an un-uniformed security team can provide a high level of protection and surveillance while slipping under the radar.

Why Instinct Protective?

You only have one chance to get a hostile termination right, and the consequences of trusting the wrong security team can be dire. Instinct Protective has years of experience in all aspects of security services, including hostile terminations, and our professionalism and tact shine through in every job that we complete. We care about keeping every client as safe as possible because we know that your well-being and reputation matter.

Through professional hostile termination security, you can make the decisions that you need to make for the betterment of your business without fear of your employee snapping. You can trust us with the safety of your property, your business, your customers, and your employees.